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3D Interior design

Unique 3D specialty is to represent its clients and partners’ products into 3D virtual images in a personalized and exclusive manner, planned and produced to awaken the buying wish. In addition, we allow the maximum control of all its aspects – colors, textures, lightning, landscaping and decoration – bringing versatility in each composition.

Texture Simulator

Unique 3D Ambient  Simulator offers a unique way of exposing your products. Our technology allows evidencing in a single image all color and texture variations of an entire catalog.  In indicated areas, it is possible to filter options and access the technical description.

Unique 3D Ambient Simulator also increases client’s brand visibility, since it includes  an option to share the scene in social medias.


3D Architectural

Offer a brand new building even before it is built is a practice that has been widely used nowadays. To do that, realism, details and high quality are needed! 

 Many times, clients decline a purchase because they are not secure about the project, having difficulties in visualizing static projects. Presenting a realistic photo image of the building is the solution and our differential. 

 Unique 3D offers electronics mockups with a publicity concept, that come from constant architectural trends and design researches, always aligned to the client’s
product concept. Our electronic mockups guarantee the perfect balance between a product essence and publicity impact, achieving your target market.

3D Modeler

There are details which are difficult to be captured by a photography or even expensive to be capture in images with high quality and details. In other situations,
there is a necessity of presenting an image even before the final presentation of the product. The solution for all these situations is the 3D modeler.

With these technique,   it is possible to prove the efficiency for your next creation, incorporate details in advance, accelerate marketing actions or even identify technical
failures before they generate significant loss.

 Our team count on with professional technology and structure to model any product, character and prosthesis. What about innovate using modeling? talk to us



Chose what you prefer to see: a building, an interior house or flat? Try out what a virtual tour can offer and jump in virtual reality experience, where the possibilities
are infinites with the VR. 

If you are looking for a virtual tour or an interactive app, Unique 3D can offer it to your company.


3D Animation

Imagine your products being demonstrate with movement’s and narration. The Unique 3D offers a new look for instruction manual with explanatory videos about mounting and installation of your products. Our animations are made in full HD and edited with soundtrack, narration and your company visual identity.